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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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three people. >> reporter: panic on oikos university on edgewater drive this morning, students and staff were trying to escape bullets. one woman ran to safety with a bullet wound to her arm. >> i am like what is going on. get to the ambulance. >> reporter: minutes later police carried a person out and placed them on the ground. suddenly -- >> they drug the dude out. he is dead. laying. right there. >> reporter: another person in the same area heard the woman describe the shooter as a student. >> lady came out with a shot in her arm, she was talking about how the guy was weird -- >> we are interrupting tobri you a live news conference with the latest on today's mass
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shooting. >> members of the korean methodist church -- >> that is the public information officer. -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i am the public information officer for the oakland police department. we will be talking about the shooting that occurred today at the oikos university. 7850 edgewater drive. i am going to introduce you tathe oakland police chief, he will be followed by mayor jean quan. we would like to stay focused on the incident, the chief will be available after the press conference for individual interviews or off topic investigations that you have. this is a sensitive situation,
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unfortunate tragedy that happened today. if we could please stay on topic we would appreciate it. thank you very much. >> good evening. today's tragedy was shocking and senseless. our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families and friends. at 10:33 a.m. today the oakland police department received a 911 call from 7850 edgewater drive regarding a woman on the ground bleeding. patrol units were dispatched at 10:35 a.m., additional calls were received. the first patrol officer arrived at 10:36 a.m. and located victims suffering
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from a life threatening gun shot wound during a chaotic scene. additional officers, including officers fall local law enforcement agencies responded and established a perimeter around the location at 5850 edgewater drive. the suspect was initially believed to be still on the scene or inside. potential victims remained inside the building, trapped by a locked door which officers were unable to open or unable to evacuate due to injuries. police officers joined by the oakland university school district police entered to futility a emergency evacuation and render tied injured persons as well as the search for additional suspects on the scene. approximately 35 persons were in or near the building when
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this crime occurred. officers extracted 15 persons -- 13 persons from the building, some who were gravely wounded. 10 victims were shot. 7 victims are fatalities. 5 pronounced that scene and two victims later died after being transported to the hospital. all the victims are reported to be adults. as officers, oakland firefighters and paramedics rendered aid, investigation led to the identity of the suspect. 43-year-old one goh ko. g-o-h is his last name. he fled the area before the first officers arrived. investigators were in position of the suspects photo and in route to his home and his
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relatives. the suspect, an oakland resident surrendered. he was arrested and is in custody at the oakland police department. i want to thank the men and women whew cysted and responded to the -- who assisted and responded to the scene. dispatchers, officers, firefighters, and all first responders did an incredibly brave job in bringing the situation to a peaceful ending. thank you all to the oakland uninied school district, police, sheriff's office, police department. we requested assistance. they provided 19 officers to assist with this incident. again, i want to offer my
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deepest condolences to the victims and their families. no words can express the pain called by this incident. as additional information comes available we will share it, pending notification of the families and north families families and -- in order to ensure the investigation, we will not release the 911 calls or names or identities of the victims. that information will be shared later on this week. now to mayor jean quan for her statement. >> no american mayor wants to have this situation. over the last decade we be gotten used to seeing senseless mass killings like this and we will have to question the availability of guns guns and the need for other services. this is a terrible tragedy.
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my office and staff made contacts with members of the korean american community and other asian-american communities here in oakland. the korean community has a long history in this city. the church, on hudson, will probably have a memorial tomorrow. i want to thank the pastor of the korean methodist church and the president of innorthern california korean president association for reaching out today and providing counlers for the people that -- counselors for the people that were involved. we want it thank the county and our police captain and we have representatives here from the
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greater safe community, from oco, come here to show their support and have been long fighters against violence in our community. we are recruiting and looking for additional korean speaking crisis counselors. we want to thank the county forste up with that. -- for stepping up with that. this 30s entire -- hurts the entire community. we know the school has hundreds of students and it is a kind of pain and situation that we won't understand totally, immediately but that will leave the community asking questions for a lung time. on -- for a long time. i want to thank the fire department and fire department and the other agencies who
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responded. one of our offenses was hurt breaking the windopes so we could get in -- windows so we could get in. this is the kind of situation where we need to pull together and support the korean community, where most of the victims appear to be from and i just hope that we will put our armors around this group of people and these families and do our best to bring peace back to the city. thank you. >> i believe members from the korean church just arrived. are you here in the room? if you want to come through the center, you are welcome to come up here. >> you have been listening to the police chief and mayor jean quan following today's mass shooting at oikos university.
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the first 911 call coming in at 10:33. three minutes later the first police officer arrived at edgewater drive at oikos university. confirming 10 people were shot. 7 confirmed dead. 5 died that scene. 2 died later and the suspect is one goh ko. >> matt keller was one of the first on the scene. we had to interrupt his piece, let's go back to him now. >> reporter: one of the parts of my story that you didn't hear was about one of the -- about one of the shooting victims who talked to witnesses. they described -- she described the shooter to the witnesses as a frustrated student who didn't speak english well and was picked on. we have some crime scene technicians still working on
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the scene. this is an active scene. even though they are holding the press conference and grieving, the investigation is getting underway. the broken front door, and again the streets are still closed here on edgewater drive. reporting live, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> many families are devastated after learning their loved ones are among those killed. ktvu's kara spoke with one father. >> reporter: it was tough for him and all seven families who lost loved ones and found out they didn't make it. a lot of tears as famomies took in the news. we saw police taking many families to a private area. one father said i miss her.
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>> well, she really like the kids. she become nurse to help people. >> reporter: the pastor of the church was also out here today lending support so that heches that one family -- that helps that one family. it will be an uphill battle from here. ktvu channel 2 news. >> new, for the first time we are hearing from one of the victims, 19-year-old nursing student walked out of the hospital before 5:00 tonight. >> i got shot and come and help me. they came and helped me. >> she told her brother that the shooter was a former student who dropped out but showed up in class today. he told everyone to get up against the board, when they
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didn't he started shooting. she received stitches and said two of the other victims should be released tonight. people who work at the university said they are stunned. oikos university is located in an industrial area of east oakland on edgewater drive. it savocational -- it is a vocational christian school. one teacher was there when the gunfire broke out. >> we heard several gun shots and i looked outside the door and somebody said somebody has a gun. i evacuated the classroom. >> some of the students and teachers remain to wait for word from friends. >> on its website oikos university is described as an independent institution that provides the highest standard of education with christian values. the school offers degrees in
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nursing and music. >> we are learning more about the gunman. ktvu's john fowler is live with what he learned while talking to people who know his parents. >> reporter: people who knew the shooter himself as well. people called him a respectful, caring son. the man police say gunned down 10 students today hid his face from our camera. 35 and 50 years old with a medium to light complexion, standing about six feet tall and weighing about 150 lbs. he was wearing a light gray zip- up hoodie, blue cotton running pants and tennis shoes that may have been black andone goh ko -- one goh ko. >> reporter: he was a frequent visitor here at the senior housing where his parent live. he seemed to be an involved and caring son. >> i don't know, seemed like a good kid. the kind of kid that i want, you know, all my residents to have. >> reporter: our camera was there as police escorted his
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father from the apartment. police say he reported not seeing his son in several days but that he called his father this morning, said what he done, turning himself in at the safeway where he was arrested. police tell ktvu he was a nursing student at oikos university but was kicked out of class and he used a .45 caliber pistol. >> he has always been very respectful and helpful. >> reporter: late this afternoon we confirmed the brother, a u.s. army sergeant died in a car accident a year ago. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with for updates on this developing story. we have posted video throughout the day on the investigation.
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oaksterdam university became the dearth of a -- target of a federal raid. ktvu's lorraine blanco has more. >> reporter: oaksterdam university will remain closed for the rest of the day. we talked with a few people inside the school and they said the place is trashed, doors are broken, stuff ask all over the floor, it is quiet now but earlier it was chaos. >> reporter: protesters blocked several roadways for hours today trying to stop agents from transporting evidence from oaksterdam university. the drug enforcement administration and the u.s. marshal's office and the irs seized cannabis, files. as the day progressed the
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protesters crew. one guy blocked traffic as he lit up a joint. >> the people of oakland, the city counsel, the police department, none of them are interested in prosecuting. the dea wouldn't comment. a spokeswoman said the warrant is under seal. but she is concerned about the raid and the resources. >> we struggle in this economy to find the resources to have enough law enforcement to go after the legal guns, murderers, people who are committing armed robbery. >> put it back in the hands of the regulated vinyls and that is who -- individuals and that is who they are attacking now. >> reporter: they hope to reopen by wednesday for the last class. coming up at 10:00, we will show you what it looks like
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inside right now. reporting live, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. protesters took over a building in san francisco over night and police raided the building this afternoon. we received these pictures. you were allowed inside to lord vandalism. the protesters took over the building. the archdiocese owns the building. >> of course, concerned about the inside and any damage that is done oo the building. -- to the building. >> if we don't care of the people, who are we as a people? as a community. >> police say damage includes graffiti and broken doors. occupy cal protesters got
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the do know agree to -- district attorney to lift stay away orders. eight others remain in place. they are hoping to get those over turned as well. no order was issued for the 13 13th protesters. the latest idea by leaders in san francisco is for the america's cup to merge with fleet week. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us live with how the idea could help meet a summer deadline. >> reporter: lack of decision put many preparations behind schedule. >> reporter: there is still a lot to do. >> the city was relying on the event authority to fund and actually deliver the improvements to the water front. that has now switched and the city will build the
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improvements. >> reporter: the bidding process is too slow to get the work done in time so the city will use a contractor already working on previously approved projects. >> we will preserve bidding to make sure they get a good price. >> reporter: all of this has to be together by october 7th. in the mean time, nbc wants to broadcast one of the races. >> having the race on the same day as fleet week will be a spectacle, the likes the world will have never seen before. >> reporter: can the city handle it? >> we know we have to plan for a water front event. >> the america's cup, fleet week will make sure this comes together without a hitch.
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>> reporter: the benefit? >> chance to send an invitation to the world, tourists to come to san francisco. >> help draw the tourists, money and jobs it needs. >> reporter: san francisco supervisors will work on waving public widding tomorrow -- bidding tomorrow. >> reporter: consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. we had a pleasant day today but it will be short. cool weather on the way and damp conditions expected at least for the north bay and we will continue with that for a couple days. the high clouds that are over the bay area right now. we saw that sunshine all day long. sunshine tomorrow before the system pulls in. 59 san francisco international airport. 64 santa rosa. mid-60s this afternoon, well above yesterday and about where
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we should be. 58 in oakland right now. 62 in concord. we have got another hour till the sunset and our temperatures are cooling. this is where the rain sits. migrating closer to the coast. by tomorrow afternoon we will have showers over the north bay, at least a few sprinkles and then it slides south. the trough will be sliding over california wednesday, thursday and that will leave us unsettled. tuesday n creasing clouds for the afternoon -- increasing clouds for the afternoon. and we will leave in the possibility of a few scattered showers, although very weak system. nothing like what we saw this past weekend. over night lows are similar to this morning, maybe a few degrees warmer. 46 in concord.
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48 oakland. 48 redwood city. tomorrow cooler than today. especially the north bay. south bay rain holds off till the evening. 69 in san jose. 71 morgan hill. another good looking day, especially for the south bay. the cooling trend back into the upper 50s on thursday. coolest day and weekend in view, bounce back for the easter holiday weekend. 60s with dry conditions. >> thank you. the first game of the bay bridge series is tonight between the a's and the giants. sports is next.
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hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months. straight now to at&t park where joe fonzi is live for the bay bridge series. joe? >> reporter: the a's taking batting practice right now in preparation for game one of the bay bridge series against the giants. the giants making the big news today. the biggest topic top was the status of -- topic was the status of matt cain. he will be paid like one of the game's elites and he appreciates the support of the
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fans. >> reporter: the series, game one is tonight, the giants and a's play in oakland for game two tomorrow and on friday the a's resume the regular season, the giants begin the regular season in arizona. a little bit more about matt cain. didn't allow a single earned run in 2011 season. back to you. >> more on that shooting coming up at 7:00. ♪ hey, what's this do? [ alarm blaring ] [ male announcer ] new baron's best from red baron. with a hand-tossed style crust, delicious just got legendary.
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